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 Red  Marjan
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Red Coral

The normally hard frame of the original red coral stone is naturally lusterless, but jewelers or stone craftsmen use it to polish as glossy and bring shine to the surface of red coral in full size. In Urdu, red coral is ‘Marjan’. Original red coral gemstone has many astrological benefits that include marriage as well. If you want to know the price of Marjan stone in Pakistan then contact us.

Due to the frequent use of red coral people used to harvest this on a bigger scale in the old days. Coral Original Marjan stone has characteristics for decorative purposes. Normally we observe its color open red color or you can say pigeon blood red which slightly tilts towards pink of shade.

In the Old Era, its jewelry was found in Egyptian and some of European areas.  Also, it was popular during the Victorian era. If you want to buy online Original Red Marjan in Pakistan please call us +923088873888 or visit our website

Red coral Benefits

The benefits of red coral stone are listed above. Moreover, the red Marjan gemstone bestows bravery and aids in the individual’s ability to overcome anxiety and anxiousness. This is the greatest gemstone for boosting the wearer’s self-esteem. Moreover, this gemstone has incredible therapeutic properties. It aids in the treatment of a variety of skin issues, including boils, acne, and more.

The red Coral Marjan gemstone bestows bravery and aids in the individual’s ability to overcome anxiety and anxiousness. Also, this is the greatest gemstone for boosting the wearer’s self-esteem. This gemstone has incredible therapeutic properties. Also, it aids in the treatment of a variety of skin issues, including boils, acne, and more.

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Red Coral | Red Marjan Trade

Well in early age means the first century to the tenth century corals were used to trade very frequently from the Mediterranean to India and this commodity had high prices. In India, people have faith that it’s a sacred stone and has mysterious sacred powers.

Therefore, due to this reason, its demand was very high.  Earlier this stone was used for ornamentation or some of the decoration of the interior of homes.

Hence, people use to hang this stone on their kids and believe that it will protect them from danger. People believe that wearing this stone protects them from evil eyes.

RED Coral FAQs

  1. What is red coral?
    Red coral is a precious gemstone that is derived from the skeletons of marine organisms. It is typically found in the Mediterranean Sea and is known for its distinctive red color.
  2. What are the benefits of wearing red coral?
    Red coral is said to have a number of benefits, including improving blood circulation, boosting energy levels, and providing protection against negative energies.
  3. How is red coral formed?
    Red coral is formed by the accumulation of calcium carbonate skeletons secreted by marine organisms called polyps. These skeletons are then harvested and polished to create gemstones.
  4. What is the best way to care for red coral?
    To care for red coral, it is important to avoid exposing it to chemicals or extreme temperatures. Clean it with a soft, damp cloth and store it in a dry, cool place.
  5. How can I tell if red coral is genuine?
    Genuine red coral will have a consistent color and texture, and will not have any visible flaws or cracks. It will also be harder than imitations, such as plastic or resin.
  6. How can I use red coral for healing purposes?
    Red coral can be worn as a pendant or bracelet to help boost energy levels and improve circulation. It can also be used in meditation or placed in a healing grid to help balance the chakras.
  7. What is the astrological significance of red coral?
    In astrology, red coral is associated with the planet Mars and is believed to provide strength, courage, and vitality to those who wear it.
  8. What is the price of red coral?
    The price of red coral can vary depending on factors such as size, quality, and origin. It is important to purchase from a reputable dealer to ensure you are getting a fair price.
  9. How can I buy red coral from Gemsore. pk?
    You can purchase red coral from Gemsore. pk by visiting their website and browsing their selection of gemstones. Once you have selected the red coral you would like to purchase, simply add it to your cart and complete the checkout process.
  10. What is the return policy for red coral purchased from has a 30-day return policy for all gemstones, including red coral. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund or exchange.

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