Raw Jade Stone for Sale


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Raw jade stone for sale

Original green Jade stone has a lot of value stone which has no side effects with a lot of benefits. Buy green jade stone in reasonable prices from our website. The price of the Jade stone in Pakistan is mentioned above on our website. The healing properties of jade are very well known. Raw jade stones are available for sale. The value of jade stone is enhanced due to its decent green colour.

African Jade stone is a variation of Grossularite Garnet, which is Calcium Aluminum Silicate. African Jade name is associated with the location that this gemstone is mined from, which is South Africa. You can find it in this location (Barberton area). Quite usually African Jade is a Buddstone, or South African Jade. You can contact us for the price of jade stone in Pakistan

Origin of Jade stone

It happens very frequently that people disorder the African Jade with Verdite since they look similar in presence. While both of these mentioned gemstones are green, African Jade has some additional colors like brown or white. Verdite tends to be completely green so it is possible to separate them only by closely looking at the color.

Buddstone doesn’t have very long long-term past. For this reason there are not too many older texts describing this stones’ potential powers or healing properties. While it is clear that local tribes use it, its unknown whether African Jade has any deeper meanings it is just an ornamental stone.

It’s vital to keep in mind that there’s a scarcity of scientific data to back up the healing qualities of jade stone, and crystal healing in general.

Benefits of jade stone in Pakistan

Moreover, Jade has number of properties, including promoting relationship maturity, increasing prosperity, and grounding.


Also, the lucky stone or the happy stone are two terms that describe jade.
Any benefits attributed to crystals may be due to the placebo effect, according to an older study presented at international conferences in 1999 and 2001.


Relationships and self-healing can both benefit from jade stone. Hence, it may promotes
• honesty • maturity • life force energy • self-acceptance • self-love
While sceptics are quick to dismiss crystal therapy, many people swear by its abilities. If you wish to experiment with crystals and see how efficient they are for yourself, you are unlikely to injure yourself.
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