Original White Opal in Brooklyn


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Original White Opal in Brooklyn

White Opal stone is a very common material, found throughout the world. You can contact us for the opal the colorful flashes known as “play-of-color”.  Moreover, Some people use the name “potch” for this type of opal. Most common opal has an unremarkable appearance and is almost invariably overlook in the field. It is quartz or a variety of chalcedony – but a surprising amount of common opal exists. You can place order for Original White Opal in Brooklyn now!

The rare specimens of opal that exhibit a play-of-color is “precious opal”. Also, if the play-of-color is of high quality and large enough to cut, the material can  produce valuable gemstones.

If you examine a specimen of precious opal under bright light, play-of-color can be observed in three situations: 1) when the stone is moved, 2) when the light source is moved, or, 3) when the angle of observation is changed. The video near the top of this page illustrates the beautiful “play-of-color” in an Ethiopian Welo opal.

History of Opals

The word “opalescence” is often misuse. Some people believe that “opalescence” and “play-of-color” are the same, which is not true. The common definition given for opalescence is “the pearly luster of common opal”. In truth, most common opal does not have a pearly luster, even when you polish it.

Hence, areas within an opal that produce a play-of-color are made up of millions of microscopic silica spheres arranged in an orderly network. These spheres are only about 1/2 micron in size, and they act as a diffraction grating. As the light passes through, it can diffract into the colors of the spectrum. The size of the spheres and their geometric packing determine the color and quality of diffracted light.

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