Original Peridot Stone in UAE


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Original Peridot Stone in UAE

Reach for the sun with the Peridot stone crystal, a bubbly stone that harnesses the life-giving energy that goes night into day. The Vitamin D of your remedial crystal collection, the Peridot crystal meaning is to the sun. It makes  your divine supporter that keeps you on the sunny side of life. Therefore, the Peridot crystal shines like a light beam of energy, a stone of happy, light-hearted vibes and the perfect companion to lead you on a path of sunshine. Peridot is a sign that it’s time to feel good, a simple wish and our divine birthright. You can place your order for original peridot stone in UAE.

Moreover, the Peridot crystal stone is a gem at inspirational the seekers of the universe. If it’s light and loves that you’re after, keep this cheerful and inspiring stone in your environment. And give your Feng Shui a boost with its candy-colored hue and defensive, powerful potentials. Also, the Peridot is a wood element and works to promote profusion, prosperity, and happiness in your home. It also adds pop of color to your interior design scheme, making Peridot an interior decorator’s dream. After giving it an intention, place a polished stone or statue in the southeast or east corner of your home and get ready for its powerful vibes to bring wealth and well-being into your life.


Dating back to ancient Egypt, Peridot was a favorite of Cleopatra, who wore the stone for its beauty and to ward off wicked spirits. Hence, according to legend, the Queen’s emeralds were actually Peridot crystals, which share a similar appealing to the highly prized jewel. Known as the poor man’s Emerald because of its less expensive price, the Peridot crystal meaning can be traced back to the volcanic areas of Hawaii. Also, where tiny Peridot grains can still be found washed upon the shore. According to ancient folklore, these pieces of Peridot represent the tears of Pele, the goddess of the elements. Therefore, Created in a blistering pit of lava millions of years ago, the Peridot crystal gets its green colors from olivine. A type of mineral made up of iron, silicate, and magnesium.

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