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Original Pearl Moti in Pakistan

Pearl Stone or White Pearl, also known as Moti, is a semi-precious gemstone that looks tremendously beautiful in its natural form. It is made of calcium carbonate and organic matter and has a lustrous appearance. The Pearl Stone has a special place in history, due to its beauty and value. Pearl stone is considered to be one of the most beautiful stones in the world. It is white or light in color with a silky sheen.

Where we can get White Pearl Moti? 

You can farm Moti freshwater mussels. Also, astrologers perceive pearl stone or Moti stone as one of the best gemstones which can be worn to pursue the countless powers from the Moon. Buy Cultured and Freshwater Pearls online for astrology, jewellery making, beads, rings, etc. Learn & Know the assistances of wearing Pearl Gemstone & Pearl in Silver Ring. Therefore, if you want to buy Original Pearl Moti in Pakistan please call us +923088873888 or visit www.gemstore.pk

Pearl Moti formulation

Do you have any knowledge about the configuration of the extremely attractive gemstones, you call pearls? Hence, by structure, they are of calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and a tough, mysterious proteins compound, conchiolin. Both the compounds, i.e. calcium carbonate and conchiolin, by an oyster or mussel.

Where to get Pearl Moti in Pakistan (Original)

People feel that to find out pearl an easy task, but keep in mind its a bit difficult task if you do not have ample knowledge of gemstones.

Appearance of Original Pearl Moti in Pakistan

White Pearls are found in many types of mollusks, including oysters, scallops, mussels and clams. These shelled animals live mainly in saltwater environments, although some also live in freshwater.

The appearance of a pearl can vary depending on the environment in which it was formed. They can range from white to black and everything in between, and some pearls even display iridescent overtones that create a rainbow effect across their surface when they are presented in direct light.

Golden Pearl
Golden Pearl

Pearl stones come in many colors such as black, green, blue, red, pink and white. Although the most common color is white, the black pearl stone is considered more valuable because it is rarer than all other colors. The black color of a pearl stone can be due to natural pigmentation or substances that get mixed into its layers during formation. A good combination


Pearls are a beautiful white color and have a high sheen when they come out of the ocean. They can be used in many different types of jewelry, and are also used in making medicines. These precious stones come from oysters, clams, and mussels that live in saltwater. Most pearls are formed naturally by these shells. However, there are also companies that create black pearls by dyeing them to get the desired color.

pearl moti stone


Pearl  stones are typically sold in pairs that are connected at their girdle (a circle around the middle) by a chain, or as part of a necklace or bracelet set with other precious stones such as diamonds or emeralds.

Pearl  is an extremely rare stone. But not all pearl  costs a fortune. There is also a wide range of prices for pearl  stones of the same quality, color, and size.

The prices vary on the factors of weight, color, shape, carat, and clarity.

Price of Original Pearl Moti in Pakistan

The price of pearl  stone in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 2,500-5,000

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