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Original Cat Eye Stone Characteristics

Cat Eye gemstone is pretty a fascinating gem. Apart from its look which is different and marked by chatoyancy, its abstract powers and properties have always captivated human beings. Categorized by a narrow band of focused light rays across its width, the Cat Eye gemstone arises in different types and colors. The presence of such a band of light is named as a cat’s eye effect, and this is what gives the stone its name.

Here it is also worth seeing that there are several other types of stones as well that give off the same effect. The cat’s eye effect is created by the presence of parallel running fine and slender mineral strands which together reflect the light rays in a single band. Before being used for attractive purposes, the stone is highly polished and the corners are made appropriately rounded. Contact us for

One can get through with great results once they decide to wear the same. Their life is never the same again. With expert advice and totally great care, they must make the best of the stones, still.

Then also somehow, this planet has unfilled the status of a standout between the most powerful Planets by restraint of its entrancing mystical properties that have been lauded by individuals. This stone is remunerated with the status of the quickest acting planet. By the reason of this, individuals long to receive Original Cat Eye in UAE gemstones.

Original Cat Eye Stone Market Value

The value or market value of the cat’s eye gemstone depends exactly on the power and clarity of the light band going across its width. In different stones, it may vary from weak to tough. The straight and bright light effect is usually most liked by the buyers. The strength and perfection of this effect further add to the value of the stone. Sometimes the light band becomes so weak that it appears as a floating light reflection. Such a condition is termed as cymophane effect.

Appearance of Cat Eye

Cateye stone is a gemstone that has been valued for its brilliant color, which is a pale grey-blue or blue with hints of green. It is a durable stone that has been used for centuries for jewelry and decorative objects. Cateye stone belongs to the quartz family and has long been prized as one of the most beautiful gemstones available.

cat eye stone

The cateye stone is one of the most beautiful stones you can find. It’s a stunning mix of shiny, smooth, and opaque that combines to look like an iridescent gem. The most beautiful of all is the pink cateye stone, which has a delicate, feminine colour that brings to mind a hummingbird or the inside of a seashell.


It has a very rare appearance which is an absolute piece of art. Cateye stone is mostly used as a jewellery stone but it also has other uses like flooring, walls and other interior decorations. The stone has an attractive and mesmerizing appearance which explains its popularity among people who are looking for jewelry stones.

cat eye stone


Cat eye  stones are typically sold in pairs that are connected at their girdle (a circle around the middle) by a chain, or as part of a necklace or bracelet set with other precious stones such as diamonds or emeralds.

Cat eye  is an extremely rare stone. But not all Cat eye costs a fortune. There is also a wide range of prices for Cat eye stones of the same quality, color, and size.

The prices vary on the factors of weight, color, shape, carat, and clarity.

Price of Cat eye stone in Pakistan

The price of Cat eye  stone in Pakistan ranges from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 3,000.

To determine the quality of a Cat eye  yaqoot, you need to consider its cut, color, clarity, and carat weight.

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