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Agate Stone

Agate Stone in Perth | Coagate  (Red Aqeeq) is one of the very few gemstones which are found in the water instead of the layer of the Earth. Strictly, these are the exoskeleton of a living being Growth, which is excreted in the course of years and cohorts of these marine animals. There are two varieties of agate, namely, the Red and Red agate(Aqeeqs). People are using the Red agate Stones since ages for a number of determinations like decoration of weapons and protection against wicked powers.

These gemstones deflect pirates and the loch ness monster by the sailors. Now you can order original Red Aqeeq in Perth too !

Use of Agate Stone

Use of agate stone as jewelry- rings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets etc. is helpful to the wearer. It supports the body’s resistance and cures sciatica. It promotes balance in the wearer’s voice and also helps in a relationship and interpersonal relationships.

This stone wards off negative energies and gives defense to the wearer. It helps in improving marital life and enhances love among partners. It’s also additional for diamond in some cases. You can find the original safed moonga red agatestone near the coasts of Australia, Mediterranean Reef and Central/South America. Also, These stones are mainly and most usually found at the bottom of all major oceans.

All Natural Premium Milky agate from Italy. Top Mirror surface curved tops and all biological Red agate experts using the ultimate test in authorization and proof of identity of all natural agate – Raman Spectroscopy. Moreover, a gate at the apex of the Gem pyramid makes the cut as top excellence gemstones.

  • Hence, Gemstones that shall bring the choicest results only can deliver. Moreover, free from any dye, chemicals, epoxy, resin or polymers- Nature’s blessings are just the way it should be.
  • Use Natural Organic Red agate only on reference due to special conditions operating in the chart! Read more about Deeply Debilitating Planetary Positions.

The appearance of Agate stone

Colour of Agate stone

Red Agate stone has the color red as the name says and is a variety of chalcedony quartz and can be found in many forms and colors. It is used for jewelry, ornaments, or as decorative stone. The healing properties of agate stone have been known for centuries and it is not surprising that this beautiful rock is gaining popularity.

Original Red Aqeeq, Original Red liver Aqeeq price in Pakistan

First and foremost, agate gems are beautiful. Red Agate is formed in a wide range of colors; some have streaks or bands of color within the stone, while others are solid. The stone can be cut into beads or used as a pendant in jewelry pieces—the possibilities are endless!

Cuts and Shapes Agate stone

Agate stones come in a variety of colors including banded agates, moss agates and eye agates. This makes them easy to incorporate into your existing home decor or personal style! You’ll find this stone comes in many shapes, sizes, and even colours.

Prices of Red Agate

You can use your agate stone by wearing it in jewelry or as a decorative piece placed somewhere in your home where you will see it often. Allow the stone’s vibrations to interact with you throughout the day.

Red Agates are extremely rare stones. But not all emeralds cost a fortune. There is also a wide range of prices for emeralds of the same quality, color, and size.

The prices vary on the factors of weight, color, shape, carat, and clarity.

Price of Red Agate

The Price of Red Agate in Perth is from Rs. 1,500 to Rs. 3000 according to the weight, size and design.

Original Red Aqeeq in Pakistan

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Original Red Aqeeq

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