Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj in Pakistan


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Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj in Pakistan

Topaz-yellow Pukhraj stone makes a perfect gem. A good stiffness and appropriate colors, mutual with a relative profusion and availability makes it one the most popular gemstones. The most valuable colors of Topaz (Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj) are the golden orange-yellow type, called Imperial Topaz, and the dark pinkish-red and orange-red colors. However, value increases with a depth of color in orange and reddish hues.

The most commonly used colors of Topaz in jewelry are the blue types. In the past century, in the gem market, blue- Topaz became well-known as almost heat is used for the treatment of all blue gems Topaz. You can order Original Yellow Topaz Pukhraj in Pakistan.

Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj in Pakistan

Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj stone gets its name from the Greek word topazion, which may invent from the Sanskrit tapas, meaning, “fire.” The name might also come from the name of the Egyptian island of topazos (now St Johns Island) in the Red Sea. The Latin writer Pliny the Elder used the island’s name for a yellowish green stone found there. And it soon became the name for most yellow stones. Topaz-yellow Pukhraj stone now also found in Brazil, Nigeria, Australia, Burma, and Mexico.

Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj in Pakistan

Topaz has become very common over the years. Although, heat treatment is for most of the topaz in the market. Unfortunately, it is impossible to identify the treated stones. Topaz is not artificially created on a large scale. Furthermore, colourless topaz radiates with gamma rays to produce a fully natural-looking blue colour. This practise is legal in this industry.Hence it has increased worldwide. Therefore, it is one of the reasons for the present abundance of topaz in the trade.

Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj in Pakistan Apperance

It is best to buy a Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj from an experienced jeweler who has a lot of experience with this kind of gemstone. If you choose to purchase your yellow topaz stone from an inexperienced jeweler, you may end up with stones that are not as beautiful as they should be. The color of the stone can change over time due to exposure to heat or light, so it is important to make sure that you buy the correct color for your jewelry.

Yellow topaz can be found in a variety of shades and hues. The most common are light yellow and pale yellow-green. Irradiation can produce a richer, deeper yellow topaz that is also more valuable.

Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj in Pakistan, 
yellow topaz yard topaz

Original Topaz Yellow Pukhraj in Pakistan Benefits

In modern times, yellow topaz is believed to have a number of healing benefits. It is most often associated with increasing communication skills, calming emotions and thoughts, promoting creativity through self-expression, relieving stress and tension, enhancing patience and tolerance, helping people who stutter speak more smoothly, alleviating sadness and grief.

  1. The yellow topaz stone is known as the stone of joy and happiness. This gemstone is also associated with wisdom, love and affection. It is believed that this stone can help improve relationships if it is worn by both parties in a relationship.
  2. This gemstone is known for its healing properties and is used to treat gout, blood disorders, rheumatism, hemorrhage and some skin diseases.
  3. The yellow topaz stone stimulates creativity, helps in decision making and helps develop confidence in oneself.


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