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Original Red Marjan in Pakistan

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Original Real Red Coral Marjan Stone Price in Pakistan in English benefits in Urdu ring history colors  Normally hard frame of red coral is naturally lusterless, but jewelers or stone craftsmen use it to polish as glossy and bring shine on the surface of red coral. Normally we observe its color open red color or you can say pigeon blood red which slightly tilts towards pink of the shade.

original marjan coral stone price in Pakistan

Due to the frequent use of red coral people use to harvest this on a bigger scale in old days. Coral Original red marjan in Paksitan (coral stone) used for decorative purposes.  Original Real Red Coral Marjan Stone Price in Pakistan in english benefits in urdu ring history colors

In the Old era, its jewelry was found in Egyptian and some of the European areas.  It was popular during the Victorian era. If you want to buy Original Red Marjan in Houston please call us +923088873888 or visit our website www.gemstore.pk

Original Red Marjan in Pakistan Trade (Red Coral)

Well in early age’s means the first century to the tenth of century red coral used to trade very frequently from the Mediterranean to India and this commodity had high prices.  In India, people have faith that it’s a sacred stone and has mysterious sacred powers.  For this reason, its demand was very high.

Earlier this stone was used for ornamentation or some of the decoration of the interior at homes.

People use to hang this stone on their kids and believe that it will protect them from dangers. People believe that to wear this stone to protect them from evil eyes.

Marjan staone coral stone

Original Red Marjan in Pakistan Origin


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Original Red Marjan in Pakistan


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