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Original Dur E Najaf in Lahore Dur Al Najaf stone is a gemstone from Quartz family. It is a exceptional stone because it can be sourced only at Wadi Us Salam at Najaf Al-Ashraf, Iraq. This stone can be found at river or land at this place. It has clear white color like a glass. Dur Al Najaf is called as Pearl of Najaf. Also in other languages called as Hijr E Karim, Moh-e-Najaf Dur Al Najaf, Durr A Najaf, Durr El Najaf or Najaf. All of these names are for same stone. Dur Al Najaf is white / transparent color stone. Transparent ones are more valued. It looks like glass but it has some marks inside. Due to big claim and restricted sources, you should dodge from fake ones.

Fake Dur e Najaf

Fake dur e Najaf is widely in market so to buy from unknown seller may be cause of your hard earn mony loss.

Dur al Najaf known as Gem of Gems because of its unlimited benefits. Stone assumed as blessed stone because Both Hazrat Imam Jaffer as-Sadiq and Imam Hassan al-Askari have said that wearing of Dur-Al-Najaf has great thawed. Original Durr-E-Najaf apparently makes the believers happy and it cures pain in their eyes. It increases the happiness; it is supportive in the cure of all kinds of eye diseases and is beneficial for everyone. Men and Women can wear Dur Al Najaf. Islamic part of Dur-e-Najaf is very vital. It is a very spiritual stone for Muslims. It is obtained from Najaf Al Ashraf, Iraq. Those obtained from the river are more illustrious than those obtained from land. It is good for ailments of the eye and it creates happiness in the heart. It is a gemstone full of spiritual, religious values and benefits. Dur-e-Najaf brings self-knowledge and wisdom to us.


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