Original Dur E Najaf 6 Carat




Original Dur E Najaf in Pakistan

Dur E Najaf stone and gemstone from the Quartz family. Dur e Najaf is the birthstone for July, and it is thought to offer the wearer health, intelligence, fortune, and love. It shields the wearer from evil. Dur e Najaf represents high passion and is said to improve decision-making abilities and remove fear.

This is exceptional stone can be sourced only at Wadi Us Salam at Najaf Al-Ashraf, Iraq. You can find this stone at the river or on land at this place. As, it has a clear white color like glass.

Dur Al Najaf has a second name which is Pearl of Najaf. Also, This stone has multiple names like Hijr E Karim, Moh-e-Najaf Dur Al Najaf, and Durr A Najaf.  All of these names are for the same stone. Dur Al Najaf is a white/transparent color stone.


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Original Dur E Najaf Stone in Pakistan for Muslim Community

Dur-e-Najaf stone is a well-renowned stone in the Muslim community.  Hence, this stone is having sacred importance in the Muslim community and Shia people feel very comfortable and that their hands all the time holding sacred things. Moreover, this stone brings calmness to your personality.

However this stone is normally available in two forms or two shades, one is transparent and the other is whitish cloudy.


Benefits of Dur E Najaf stone | Stone of Mind

  • Enhances positive energy:

    This precious stone is said to enhance positive energy and good health.

  • Promotes love and peace:

    It can also help to promote peace and love while protecting you from any negative energy or spirits. Also, this gemstone can help you connect with your higher self and access your inner wisdom.

  • Brings happiness and joy in life :

    The joy and happiness of life, the magic to hide enemies and negativity, death, bad luck, and envy are its benefits. It increases one’s power in all fields, gives the power to do good deeds and distances people from pain.

  • Increases spirituality:

    Some people believe that this stone can help them gain insight into hidden matters and deepen their spirituality.

  • Valuable stone:

    The pearl of Najaf are rarely and valuable giving luster and warmth to the skin, which will help you to open your heart, allowing soul energy to flow and nurture your whole being.


  • Protects from evil eye and danger:

    The most important benefit of Pearl of Najaf is its use as a protection against the evil eye, and black magic, and its ability to keep you away from all kinds of danger. It also protects you from all kinds of accidents and problems so that you can live peacefully and happily.

  • Improves physical health:

    It is believed that this stone also helps in healing various ailments, improves mental health, gives clarity of thoughts, boosts relations between husband and wife, enhances fertility issues, wards off evil spirits, provides good sleep etc.


Dur E Najaf rings and jewelry

Dur e Najaf are a beautiful, rare gemstone that has been treasured for thousands of years. Dur e Najaf are available in a variety of shapes; popular cuts include round and oval. They’re known for their strong green color and incredible durability, which makes them a great choice for jewelry.

Dur e Najaf rings are just as popular as diamond rings and make a beautiful choice for an engagement ring or wedding jewelry

Original Dur E Najaf in Pakistan

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