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Lapis Lazuli – Lajward
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Lapis Lazuli Lajward Gemstone

Lapis Lazuli Lajward Introduction

This Gemstone is one of the fewest semi-precious stones in the world of gems. The gemstone holds an exceptional and typical shade of dark blue which makes it unique hence well-known during the old ages. It is a rock, composed of the most significant mineral lazurite. It is found in the limestone in the kokcha river of Badakhshan in the northern province of Afghanistan. Before the discovery of modern paints and colors, this stone was used in classical paintings. Lapis Lazuli stone ultramarine blue color can be found in huge classical paintings of the former decade. Lajward stone is very popular for its shining property and is used for polishing boxes, vases, jewelry, and other decorations. If you want to buy the Lapis Lazuli Lajward stone please call us on +923088873888 or book your stone at www.

Hidden properties of Original Lapis lazuli

Lajward Advantages

Wearing a Lapis Lazuli makes one feel more authorized, helps one cultivate a more fearless, risk-taking spirit, and encourages taking charge of the life. Lajward stone also inspires the higher faculties of the mind. It also brings objectivity and clarity to those who wear this stone.
The majority of old BAABUL people have faith in the spirit of their master used to live in these stones, while Egyptians and Romans believe in this last night sky since early days lapis stone consider as a symbol of power, courage, wisdom, and intellect.

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