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Original Emerald Zamurd in Pakistan

Emerald (Zamurd Or Zamrood Stone) a variety of Beryl mineral species is a Costly Green Gemstone, Zamurd stone price in Pakistan emerald zamrood Emerald 2022 called Panna in Hindi, Zamurd in Persian.

People like this stone for its Pure Green hue. Emerald is the Birthstone for May month. fright, or any problem related to public speaking or social meetings. Weak Mercury also raises the chances of cheating or breaking down in education and career. If you want to buy Original Emerald  then please call us today.

Afghani Emerald
Afghani Emerald

The Best Quality Emeralds stone has a lively Green color (but not Blackish Green or Bluish Green) with fair transparency and Luster.

Emeralds are one of the best-known precious stones in the world. Emerald is a green to a dark green gemstone and is the traditional birthstone for May. The color of emerald is said to have a calming effect on the eyes while stimulating memory. The properties of emerald give courage, strength, and promote physical vitality.


There’s something special about emeralds. Its quality and benefits are mind-blowing.

Characteristics of Original Emerald – Zamurd in Pakistan

Original Emerald (Zamurd), also known as Panna rashi ratan, has long been regarded as a powerful vedic astrological gemstone. According to Hindu mythology, the emerald gemstone represents the small but powerful planet Mercury (Budh), which has a strong influence on the lives of natives. The emerald gemstone is  Budh Ratna because it is related with the planet Budh. Primarily natives wear it in order to strengthen the horoscope’s weakly located Mercury and obtain its good benefits in life.

The gemstone emerald is known as the ‘Stone of Prosperity’. It is a symbol of development and energy. Wearing a high-quality Original Emerald (Zamurd) gemstone can help you earn more money and advance in your career. People who work with banking, finance, stock market trading, or bookkeeping should wear Zamurd, according to astrologers.

Wearing a Original Emerald (Zamurd) stone helps people suffering from eye, ear, or skin problems in alternative healing techniques. It is also particularly effective in the treatment of speech impairments, nervous system diseases, and some respiratory allergies.

Original Emerald Zamurd in Pakistan

Emerald Zamurd Stone Origin

The emerald stone specimen that we have is attached to the parent rock in Sawat, Chitral,  panjsheer & zambia, which also has a range of Chinese, Skardu shigar valley & Peshawar.

Best quality of emerald Stone


The top quality of an Original Emerald Zamurd is determined by how much beryllium is present in its chemical makeup: the more beryllium, the greener the emerald. Emeralds can also contain traces of nickel or a blueish tint, but these stones do not fetch the same prices as green ones. It takes about 100 million years to form an emerald that weighs less than 1 carat (100 mg).


The largest known emerald was 12 pounds (5.44 kg) and was mined in Colombia; its estimated value was $250 million. When it comes to pricing, experts recommend using a tri-color scale to assess the value of your stone: red represents the highest value, followed by yellow, then white (the least valuable.

How do you check emerald stone is real?
Striking green color Original Emerald (Zamurd) in Pakistan


Original Emerald Zamurd are beautiful, striking, and valuable gemstones that are truly breathtaking to see. They are highly treasured for their intense color and have been mined for thousands of years.


These secondary colors are called inclusions. Some people believe that the number, size, and color of inclusions directly relate to the value of the gemstone.


Cuts and Shapes (Emerald):


Emerald comes in different shapes like squares, ovals, and circles. The cutting is also very prominent in some cases. 


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